Our Vision :

Raising a Glorious Church that transforms the world

About the Church
The Movement foundation

he Censers Church Inc, started on the 7th March 2010 at God's command to His servant, saying “Raise me a glorious Church that will transform the world”. The instruction to raise a church by the name Censers came October 6th 2005 to God's servant. By March 7th 2010 the Vision kicked off. The word 'Censer' sounds very strange. As strange as it sounds, that is how unique the Vision is in God's master plan for end time. The word 'Censer' is the Hebrew word 'Mahtah' which means something to take fire with. It is also a Hebrew word 'Mikereth' which means a vessel in which incense is burnt (Leviticus 10:1). The Greek rendering for 'Censer' is the word 'thumaterion' which means a vessel that the Holiest of all had. Censer is the vessel in which incense was presented on “the golden altar” before the Lord in the temple (Exodus 30:1-9). The priest filled the Censer with live coal from the sacred fire on the altar of burnt offering, and having carried it into the sanctuary, there threw from the Censer a sweet smelling fragrance which God perceives and answers His children speedily – (1 kings 7:50, 2 Chronicles 4:22). Paul in Hebrew 9:3-4 described that the Holiest of all had the golden Censer. In Numbers 16:46, when God's anger was fierce against His children,

Moses told Aaron to take his Censer and put incense in it, along with burning coals to make atonement for God's people. As soon as he did it, the anger of God was ceased. So, a Censer is a vessel of mercy. Every Censer has a sweet fragrance which God cannot resist but intervene in the affairs of His children. In the Old Testament, a Censer is in different shapes and was carried by the priest but in this last days God spoke to His servant that His vessel called Censers shall become human vessel whose presence will cease God's anger and release a fragrance which is a representation of God's blessing. NB: Censer as a vessel is a holy vessel and that is why the message of this church is centered on Holiness. So, we are now the Censers of God sending forth sweet fragrance to God and our generation. We are a holy people sent forth to the world to prepare the church for the second coming of Christ. In Revelation 8:3, 5, the Angel of Apocalypse who is the Angel with the last seal stood on the altar holding a golden Censer. This church before the world began has been in the master program of God for the last days. This is a movement God has raised heralding the coming of Christ and raising global leaders that transform the world. Welcome on board THIS MOVEMENT - THE CENSERS CHURCH. GLORY!

Meet the Senior Pastor

Pastor Ugochukwu Anike

G.O of the Censers Church Inc

He was raised by God through an encounter with Christ at the age of eleven to become part of God's last army that will share God's burden for revival and the last outpouring of the Holy Ghost. As a 21st Century Bible expositor, the cutting edge of his ministry is steeped in his unique prophetic and apostolic ministry which is preparing the church and the world at large for the second coming of Christ. For almost two decades, he has been part of the on-going charismatic revival in Africa. He is a Bsc (Hons) Degree holder in Applied Biology and Biotechnology. He is happily married to Pastor Mrs. Maranatha Anike and they are blessed with two children – Ugochukwu Jnr. and Purity. He is the host of a popular broadcast Voice of Revival and author of several books which includes The price for Greatness (best seller), The school of Anointing, Secret to financial prosperity, The Wounded, Incubating The last army. .

Church Workforce

  • Victorious men
  • Glorious women
  • Children / Teenagers department
  • Youth fellowship
  • Choral Unit (The Worshippers)
  • Media Unit
  • Technical Unit
  • Welfare Unit
  • Prayer champions
  • Ushering Unit
  • The Tent keepers
  • Evangelism team
  • Visitation team
  • Protocol Unit
  • Excellent Sisters Fellowship
  • Drama Unit
  • Creativity Unit
  • Greeters
  • Facility management team
  • Counselors

Our Mission

To help you discover your purpose, develop your potentials, equip you with all it takes to fulfill your God-given vision and guide you on how to finish your race on earth well – making heaven at last.